CHAMPARTY: Sip • Saunter • Shop

We have scheduled our wildly popular event CHAMPARTY for March 1, 2018 beginning at 6:30pm. The event’s entertainment will be headlined by The Michael Foster Project. Similarly to White Light Night, the complex will host over 30 artists and craft-makers, who will be selling their creations.  Lastly, at Champarty, attendees can expect free champagne all night, free food and tons of fun. There is a $2 admission. Seriously, only $2...

Last year was Champarty’s debut, and it was a huge success. “We were blown away by the outcome last year” Garrett Kemp, the young 22 year-old entrepreneur who purchased the long-time antique store in 2016, said. “We only expected about 400 people and were amazed when roughly 1000 attended. I knew then we had to do it again” Kemp said proudly. 

This year, attendees will see a similar event to last year’s but should expect to see more champagne, more food, more music and more good times. The Michael Foster Project will bring a funky, jazzy vibe to CHAMPARTY.

CHAMPARTY is a celebration of local music and local artists. The funky and fun Thursday night event will certainly please anyone looking for a night out in Baton Rouge. 

Champarty will carry on to Radio Bar at 10:00PM. More information to come soon.

We’re so fortunate to have been sponsored by Radio Bar, Q Bin Liquors, Eye Wander Photography and Beacon Images. Please support these local shops!



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