Support Small Business

At a bizarre time like this– simply put– it’s important that we band together and support small businesses throughout our communities. We’re the backbone of every community, and we could use your help.

COVID19 (Coronavirus) is making it very difficult to run our small shops, but with your help, we’ll make it through, stronger than ever.

If you want to help out, consider buying a gift card to a place you know you’ll use. While you may not use it now, you’ll appreciate having it when all of this is over.

Circa 1857 is offering eGiftCards, which can be purchased by clicking here, in addition to our traditional, more old-fashioned paper gift cards which can be purchased in store, during our weekend store hours, or when you come for your VIP shopping appointment, which you can find out more about here. Our cards never expire. Use them right away, or hold onto them for a year, maybe longer!

It’s not just Circa though you can buy gift cards from. Our neighbors: all the bars, restaurants and other merchants all could use your help.

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