We offer a wide variety of antique and vintage pieces. From small decor items, to large armoires and tables, we’ve got it all.

We’re got French Provincial, British Colonial, Danish Modern, American Traditional and so much more. The store is packed full of one of a kind items! We pride ourselves on being a very multi-cultural and international store.

It’s always so much fun to see these unique pieces and the way they’re built and constructed based on where they’re from in the world! Truly remarkable.

CHAMPARTY: Sip • Saunter • Shop

We have scheduled our wildly popular event CHAMPARTY for March 1, 2018 beginning at 6:30pm. The event’s entertainment will be headlined by The Michael Foster Project. Similarly to White Light Night, the complex will host over 30 artists and craft-makers, who will be selling their creations.  Lastly, at Champarty, attendees can expect free champagne all night, free food and tons of fun. There is a $2 admission. Seriously, only $2...

Last year was Champarty’s debut, and it was a huge success. “We were blown away by the outcome last year” Garrett Kemp, the young 22 year-old entrepreneur who purchased the long-time antique store in 2016, said. “We only expected about 400 people and were amazed when roughly 1000 attended. I knew then we had to do it again” Kemp said proudly. 

This year, attendees will see a similar event to last year’s but should expect to see more champagne, more food, more music and more good times. The Michael Foster Project will bring a funky, jazzy vibe to CHAMPARTY.

CHAMPARTY is a celebration of local music and local artists. The funky and fun Thursday night event will certainly please anyone looking for a night out in Baton Rouge. 

Champarty will carry on to Radio Bar at 10:00PM. More information to come soon.

We’re so fortunate to have been sponsored by Radio Bar, Q Bin Liquors, Eye Wander Photography and Beacon Images. Please support these local shops!



Art & Design Magazine Launch Party

Our good friends at Art & Design Magazine are hosting their launch party this Saturday (Jan 12) at Monochrome. There will be some giveaways you won’t want to miss.

The proprietors of Art & Design Magazine have a booth at our store full of fun and quirky wares. monochrome-winter-2018-2

Christmas Shopping!

Like many people, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree when I walk into a store or my home. I love the lights and the ornaments, and the food and so much more. I could list what I love about Christmas all day long!

That said, trying to find someone a gift, especially a picky person, can make Christmas rather hectic and time consuming. To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to give you some extra time. Through December 23, we’ll be open until 6:00p.m.. 

On Christmas Eve, we will be open until at least 2:00p.m..

From all of us at The Market, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Government St. Diet

Anyone who has ever driven down Government St in Mid-City Baton Rouge, is well aware of the obvious need for a makeover. The bustling street is home to many small, local shops, including our own. I drive down Government daily and I’m now quite familiar with all the dips, bumps and potholes to avoid. All of that knowledge is about to be obsolete, for which I’m thankful! Government St., starting on January 8, 2018, is getting its face-lift.

Construction will take 385 “contractor days”, which we all know really means about 2 years. That said,  once the 11 million dollar project is complete, Government will resemble that of Magazine St. in New Orleans, which is known for its walkable streets, meandering in and out of small, local art galleries and coffee shops. Government St., currently 4 lanes (2 going, 2 coming), will become only a two lane road, with a center turn lane, side walks, and a bike path. What is almost, if not equally exciting is that trees will be added and will line the street. Some good landscaping can really turn the somewhat blight scenery into something gorgeous that people in the Baton Rouge community will want to walk or ride their bikes through.

The construction will break ground near where the interstate and Government St intersect and will work its way east, stopping at N. Foster, where the road will remain 4 lanes.

We’re so thrilled to see this sort of progression in Mid City! Baton Rouge has potential to develop an identity that stands equal to New Orleans or Austin and through projects like this and the Electric Depot, a massive social gathering place featuring a bowling alley, restaurant, bar and housing coming 2019, we’re rapidly getting there.

Garrett J. Kemp, owner