Sputnik Chandelier

The “Sputnik” chandelier is perhaps the quintessential Mid-Century Modern light fixture. It is given its name based on its resemblance to the Russian space craft, Sputnik 1.

This solid brass Sputnik Chandelier, paired with medium toned woods and retro colors is certain to make a statement in your home. It’s a playful, lively addition to an otherwise symmetrical living space or dining room. It can be dressed up or down, depending on its location. Most frequently, they’re used in modern or minimalist settings. Adding mirrors to the room also, will draw it more attention and truly highlight its impressiveness.

Be thoughtful though when placing it; this is a smaller chandelier and will not look proportional if you have a huge, wide open space. Placing it over a dining table, or in a cozy living room, or even a bedroom would be absolutely beautiful.

There are 24 arms and the overall size is roughly 27 inches in diameter and 26 inches tall. Use low wattage bulbs (10 watts or less).

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